Meet Our Current Elders

Paul Kemp

Current Elder
Paul and Cindie met in a college student ministry. They have been married for 41 years, but it seems like only yesterday. They have two wonderful kids—Ryan and April; a fun daughter-in-law, Jess; and four awesome grandkids—Ella, Olivia, Violet and Wyatt. Cindie graduated from Mary Hardin Baylor with a degree in business and accounting. Paul studied classics at Baylor; earned a Masters of Theology from Western Seminary; and has done post graduate work in church history at Fuller Seminary, biblical counseling at Colorado Christian, and spiritual formation at Dallas Seminary. Paul and Cindie love reading, hiking, retreating to the mountains, unique dining experiences, and playing with grandkids. Cindie enjoys Elyse Fitzpatrick, Courtney Doctor and Melissa Kruger. Paul is still a John Calvin home boy with a little Abraham Kuyper and Geerhardus Vos thrown in for good measure (everyone else is just pretending). Paul and Cindie long to see people grow in their love for Christ,  share His deep and abiding affection for the church, and join Him in His relentless pursuit of those who are far from Him.

Randy Cook

Current Elder
Randy and Kathy met at Texas A&M as Fish Camp counselors and have been married for 36 years. They have two sons and two daughters-in-law. Tyler and Rachel have been married 8 years and have two sons - Weston, and Carter. Kyle and Alison have been married 4 years and just had their first baby - Titus. Randy graduated from Texas A&M with a BA in Marketing, while Kathy graduated from Texas A&M in with a BS in Education and got her Masters in Education from North Texas. In their down time, Randy and Kathy love spending time with family and friends, traveling, attending Texas A&M games, hiking, and watching documentaries. One of Randy’s favorite books is Mere Christianity by CS Lewis, while Kathy loves Everyday Prayers by Scotty Smith. Their greatest hope for Christ Church is that its people would represent Christ well to one another and to the city and that they would glorify God by boldly sharing the gospel and by making disciples.

Meet Our Elder Candidates

Adam  Brunson

Elder Candidate
Adam and Kendall met at church as student ministry adult volunteers. They have been married for 20 years and have 3 children, Ainsley, Cori and Addie. Adam got his undergrad at Columbia International University, while later going to on to receive his ThM at Dallas Theological Seminary and his MSN at The University of Texas. Kendall received her undergrad degree at The University of Texas and has gone on to receive her Certificate of Graduate Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. In their free time Adam enjoys Hiking, woodworking and gardening, along with anything he can do with his wife and daughters. Kendall enjoys time with friends and family, along with reading, candle-making and a good movie. Adam loves to read anything from Tim Keller and CS Lewis, and Kendall has always enjoyed reading Ken Boa. Their biggest hope for Christ Church is that we would be a place where Christ is proclaimed, community is formed, and lives are transformed by the power of the gospel.

Thomas Dawsey

Elder Candidate
Thomas and Rachel have been married for 18 years and met at their local church in Springfield, MO during college. They have four children, Avery, Addy, Aubrey, and Jack. Thomas graduated from Baptist Bible College and Seminary with his M.A. in Biblical Counseling along with his Masters of Divinity, while Rachel graduated from Baptist Bible College with her BA in Music Education. Thomas loves the outdoors and has competed in several Spartan races, but also enjoys slowing down to watch a good show or movie. Rachel enjoys time with family and friends, swimming, anything outdoors and of course, movie night. One of Thomas’ favorite books is Desiring God by John Piper, while Rachel has been greatly benefited by Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full by Gloria Furman. Thomas and Rachel’s greatest hope for Christ Church is that we would be a people who find their deepest joy in Christ and as a result, we would pursue Christ together as we serve and extend the gospel to our city.

Ron Ferguson

Elder Candidate
Ron and Beth have been married for 48 years. They have two sons, Brad and Jason, two talented daughters-in-law, Damen and Abby, and four cute grandsons, Colin, Dylan, Edan, and Graham. Ron attended The University of Memphis and graduated with his MDiv from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Beth attended Trevecca Nazarene University and got her MA in Education at The College of William and Mary. In their free time, Ron loves to restore vintage audio equipment and listen to jazz, while Beth enjoys writing and spending time with their grandsons. Some of Ron and Beth’s favorite authors are Charles Whiston and Tim Keller. Their greatest hope for Christ Church is to see each member increase in their love for one another and all people, as they live out the gospel and represent Jesus well.

David Keefe

Elder Candidate
David and Jessi have been married for 14 years and have three kids, Jack, Ava and Ella. They both graduated from Howard Payne University. Jessi graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and is currently teaches in Leander ISD. David has gone on to do some graduate work at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Western Seminary. In their free time, if they are not running the kids to baseball or tumbling practice, David enjoys cooking, working in the yard, and occasionally hitting the local trails on his mountain bike, while Jessi loves to spend time with friends and family  or enjoy a night out at a great restaurant. David and Jessi love reading anything from Scott Sauls or Tim Keller. Their desire is for Christ Church to be so captured by the gospel of Jesus Christ that they could not help but joyfully extend this good news to their neighbors,  city, and beyond.

Matt Kresge

Elder Candidate
Matt and Katie have been married nine years, and they have three kids, Jude, Josephine, and Jane. They both graduated from Howard Payne University. Katie received a masters degree in worship leadership from Dallas Baptist University, and Matt received his MDiv from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. They both enjoy a good cup of coffee, playing disc golf together, and exploring great restaurants in the city. Katie enjoys reading books from Tim Keller and Corrie Ten Boom, while Matt enjoys reading pretty much any good theology book (hard to beat D.A. Carson and Herman Bavinck).Their desire for Christ Church is to see God glorified and Christ formed in people as the gospel is received, rejoiced in, and lived out by all those who call Christ Church home.

Kevin Wills

Elder Candidate
Kevin and Shanyn met at Colorado State University and have been married for 13 years. They have two boys, Malachi and Caedmon who love to helping their parents care for other children through foster care. Kevin graduated with his degree in Mechanical Engineering while Shanyn double majored Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. Kevin and Shanyn love doing anything active with their boys, but especially enjoy playing basketball. At home they enjoy DIY projects, art, photography and playing games. Kevin and Shanyn’s favorite authors are Tim Keller, Paul David Tripp, and John Piper. Their greatest hope is that Christ Church would be a place where disciples are made, the Kingdom is grown, and the gift of grace we have been given in Christ is extended to others.


Our Elder Cohort has been together a little over two years now. We began our time together as couples on a weekly zoom call and gradually moved to meeting in person. Over the past several months we have narrowed our focus to the men who will actually be serving as elders.

We are working through the final four modules of ACTS 29’s elder development process DEVOTION, DOCTRINE, DISCIPLESHIP, and CALL.

The DEVOTION module focuses on spiritual disciplines and our walk with Christ; DOCTRINE on the core biblical distinctives of Acts 29 and Christ Church; DISCIPLESHIP on leading others to maturity and developing the next generation of leaders; CALL on the qualifications, responsibility, and posture of authentic biblical leadership.


We have assigned the DEVOTION module for everyone to complete at their own pace no later than November 23. The goal is to develop a devotional plan for maintaining a vibrant walk with Christ.

We are working through the DOCTRINE module this summer (June through August) largely on our own with monthly cohort check-ins and couples gatherings.

We will be working through the DISCIPLESHIP module this fall (September through November) as we resume weekly cohort meetings and monthly couples gatherings.

We will work through the module on CALL in a weekend intensive on December 8-11.

During the month of November we will do a Sunday morning series on Gospel Centered Eldership to cast an overall vision of what church leadership should look like and feel like.

We will present a new slate of elders to the church on Sunday, January 8.
We will commission our new elders on Sunday, January 22.


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